Sunset Cruises ~ Peerless II
Port Carling ~ Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
 “This video features our voyage on Sunset Cruises ~ Peerless II, as it cruised Lake Muskoka. It also contains my conversation with Captain Randy Potts about the Peerless II and  Sunset Cruises.”
Sunset Cruises Photo2
“Captain Randy at the Wheel.”
Cruising on the Peerlees II with Captain Randy Potts is always an adventure! Captain Randy’s knowledge of the Muskoka Lakes is unparalled! During each cruise he captivates passengers with stories about the Lakes and the people, past and present, who occupies (occupy) the magnificent homes and cottages that “dominate” the shores. If you have the opportunity to cruise with Captain Potts, take it, you won’t be disappointed!
 Sunset Cruises Photo1
“Boarding the Peerless II”
Cruising the Muskoka Lakes is always enjoyable, but is especially so during the fall! If you time your cruise right, you can capture the splendor of the fall colours. If you are unsure of the progress of the fall colours, I am sure Captain Randy or, Assistant Manager, Debbie Eccles, wouldn’t mind you contacting them to find out.
Sunset Cruises Photo3
“Magnificent cottages and homes dominate the landscape of the Muskoka Lakes!”
The Peerless II is now Sunset Cruises main cruise ship, but before the Peerless II, there was the M.V. Idyllwood. The Idyllwood is a 40′ 1920’s era private yacht. Like the Peerless II, it was rebuilt (with love) by Captain Randy. More later!.
Sunset Cruises Photo4
“Cruising on the M.V. Idyllwood.”
As I mentioned above, both M.V. Idyllwood amd the Peerless II have been rebuilt by Captain Randy Potts. Each presented it own unique challenges. Judi and I have had the pleasure of following the progress of the Peerless II. Afew years ago we published a Special Ontario Festivals Visited Newsletter. If you CLICK on the photo below, it will take you to the full Newsletter.
Sunset Cruises Newsletter
CLICK on the above photo for the FULL Newsletter.”

“Oh Canada Eh! Video taken during one of our cruises on the Peerless II.”

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