Skydiving at Wasaga Beach!

by Sue “Shadow” Caron (Festival Nomad Correspondent)

Sitting at my sisters, on vacation, I blurt out, I want to go skydiving. It was out of the blue, but my brother-in-law jumped into research mode.

We’re off for a short drive to Wasaga Sports Park, to Skydive Wasaga Beach.

Ok, I’m going in to “sign” my life away!

Oh my, I’m actually getting “strapped in“!

My guide was so helpful, as I look at my sister and smile… I really want to do this, but “fear” is inching in.

Many ties!

Oh my, this plane is “small“!

We sit on the plane floor, all “snuggled” up to my guide.

We have “lift off“. The wind is strong!

Wow, it was so cold as we step out and get ready, my instructions, cross your arms and hold your breath.

I “forget” to hold my breath; it takes what I had away. I feel dizzy and not sure which way is up or down.

One minute “free fall” at 200 miles an hour. The rush, freedoms, time to say hello to my parents. I dove head first in a “superman” pose, what fun!

The “shute” gets pulled; we fly so fast upwards. I see the landscape below, I’m in awe!

The land was a beautiful “patchwork” quilt.

Thank you” for this awesome experience!

My family waits, they see the plane.

Here I come. I get the chance to “guide” my flight!

The ground gets closer! I feel so “happy“, and so “sad” it was almost over.

Touch down“! My guide keeps me safe.

My feet hit the ground, my “heart” is pounding, this “euphoric” feeling is with me!

A  loud cheer! I did it. I start crying. I felt so “free” up there!

Thanks” to my amazing guide and my family for a trip of a lifetime.

My Bucket List!

To sum up!

A once in a lifetime experience, fear, curiosity, adrenaline, amazement, freedoms, a minute to reflect on my life, to view the patchwork quilt of land. To realize I did it and I would again in a heartbeat. My family was there to record and experience with me this most amazing moment in my life.

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  1. Omg so amazing. The editor of this artical did a awesome job.

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