Scenic Cave Nature Adventures
Blue Mountains
The below video tells the story of these two remarkable, brave adventurers. Enjoy! 

“An Ontario Visited video featuring THRILLS and CHILLS of exploring the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures!” Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is located the Blue Mountains, near Collingwood. The Scenic Caves provide a spectacular view of Georgian Bay. 

The “Good Old Summer Time”!

SC1 Scenic Photo

“Spectacular view of Georgian Bay and Collingwood from the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.” Judi “Scoop” and her friend, Lory MacDonald (Artfest Ontario) spent an afternoon conquering the “challenges” of the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures! It all began with their meeting Scenic Caves, Linda Service.  Soon after their meeting, Judi and Lory were “decked” out with “safety” equipment, then it was off, with their group of “adventurers” to the “breathtakingSuspension Bridge (Longest in Southern Ontario at 420 feet long!). The views were, indeed, spectacular and everyone took as many photos as possible.

SC3 Suspension Bridge

“Taking it all in from the amazing 420 foot long Suspension Bridge.” From the Suspension Bridge everyone journeyed to the Tree Top Walk embarking point. Each participant was instructed how to safely traverse the “Tree Tops“. Walking the Tree Tops very carefully (well almost) Judi and Lory made their way high above the ground! “Thrills and panic” filled the air as they “marched” along a boarded walkway not much wider then a foot, “12 narrow inches“! After what seem an “eternity“, they made it to the end!

SC5 Caves Caverns

“Exploring the Caves and Caverns.” Next were the Caves and Caverns. The line of adventurers followed one another into the “depths of the earth“. Each going down one cavern and up the other. The whole “Caves and Caverns” exploration seemed to pass by too quickly. However, greater “excitement” was yet to come!

SC4 Tree Top Walk

“Tree Top Walking at its best!” Enter the “Twin Thunder Zip Lines“! High on the Blue Mountains ran Canada’s longest twin zip lines. Only 2550 feet long? Yikes! Straight down, featuring a vertical drop of 287 feet! Like the veteran adventurers that they had become, Judi and Lory climbed bravely into their “ZIP” safety gear. First they tested their metal on shorter “test” lines, and then it was the climb to the “TOWER“! In soft soothing voices Scenic Caves employees gently coaxed the girls to creep closer to the Zip Line opening and the 287 foot drop! Suddenly the two gates opened the two “Veteranshurtled down their respective line, racing to the bottom! The question is, who won the “race“?

SC6 Twin Thunder Zip Lines

“All ready for the long trip down (2550 feet)!”


“Nordic Cold”!

The Scenic Caves Nature Adventures has a great winter “Nordic” program.

There are plenty of trials to “Snowshoe“!

Visitor from “far and wide” come to the Scenic Caves in the winter to “Cross Country” Ski.

A “hot chocolate” and a “warm fire” helps after a fun winter day “playing” in the snow!

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