Hogg’s Falls

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

We’d seen the sign to Hogg’s Falls often enough, but has never followed it.

Finally, when we were in the area, I told the Nomad that we should take a look.

The parking lot was full when we arrived.

There was an uphill climb to see the falls.

The trail, upwards, was awesome!

At the top of the climb, we could hear the “rush” of Hogg’s Falls!

The top area was everything we had hoped for!

Below us we could see the river winding its way to the falls.

It moved along forward to the edge of the falls.

And then the streaming water cascaded to the bottom!

We looked down, drinking in the scene below!

We wanted to get a closer look.

There was rough path the lead to the bottom of the falls.

I could have stayed to watch it for the whole day!

But, the Nomad brought me back to reality, there was more to explore!

And discover!

I had my “trusty” camera ready, there was so much to see!

We followed the path the its end.

We reluctantly walked back to the parking lot.

Sad to leave, but we knew that there were other “adventures” ahead of us!

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