Eugenia Falls Visited
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Video and photos taken during our visit to Eugenia Falls.”
From Thornbury you take Grey County Road 13. The road travels through the beautiful hills and valleys of the Blue Mountains. The road twists and turns, as it passes through the little villages of Heathcote and Kimberly until it finally reaches the tiny village of Eugenia. In the middle of the community lies the Grey Sable Conservation Area of Eugenia Falls.
“Grey Sable Conservation Area ~ Eugenia Falls
Grey Sable Conservation Authority is one of the 36 Ontario conservation authorities. Eugenia Falls is one of Grey Sable’s management areas. Frankly, when we were driving through the country we discovered it by chance. We were looking for somewhere to stop for a picnic lunch and saw Eugenia Falls sign. We stopped and were not disappointed!
Eugenia Falls picnic area.”
Once we entered the park, we found its picnic area. We were in picnic heaven! We broke open our lunch and ate with enthusiasum!
“War monument area”
 After we had finished our picnic, we started to look around the park. Right in front of us was a World War 1 monument.
“Interesting trees”
After examining the monument, we start toward the sound of the waterfall (Eugenia Falls). We walked through an amazing group of trees!
“Sitting amongst the roots!”
While Judi sat on her “tangle” of tree roots, I wandered over to the rush of the Falls.
“Water rushed towards the lip of the Falls.”
The sound of rushing water was intoxicating! I watched as water dashed over the lip of the Falls and cascaded downwards towards the rocks below!
“Water cascaded downward towards the rocks below!”
High above us a hawk lazily circled, floating easily on the wind currents that rose from the canon below.
“A hawk circled above us.”
We lingered above the Eugenia Falls and and listened to the rush of the water! The whole scene was awe inspiring! We were happy the the Falls were so close to where we lived!
“The Eugenia Falls Guest House.”
As we exited Eugenia Falls, we vowed that we would come back soon!
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