Bruce Peninsula National Park (Video)

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

We love visiting the Bruce Peninsula.

There is always so much to see and do!

This time we were headed for Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

The park is just located on the southern outskirts of Tobermory.

There’s a great Visitor’s Centre to greet you.

Inside, there’s a fun display areas with lots of interesting information about the Bruce Peninsula National Park and its sister park, the Five Fathom National Marine Park.

These two parks are wonderful for the whole family!

Outside the Visitor’s Centre there are a number of hiking paths to explore.

There’s even a “lookout tower” to climb.

You can see the whole area from there!

The hiking paths are clearly marked. As you can see from the photo, the pathways are part of the Bruce Trail system.

To say the least, the trails are spectacular!

The trail we followed took us to an outlet overlooking Georgian Bay.

There was a resting area, so we took the time to admire the view.

Everything was so peaceful!

It was very hard to leave this amazing spot.

Honestly, I could have stayed there the whole day.

However, we were with family and it was time to move on!

We definitely had a great time!

The video shown below was taken during one of our visits to the Park.

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