Blue Mountain Village Visited
The Blue Mountains attraction | Bruce County | Ontario | Canada
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Oh Canda Eh! Game video ~ photos and videos take during our visits to Blue Mountain Village.”
Judi and I live only 15 minutes away from Blue Mountain Village, so it’s an attraction that we visit or pass by often. It is a wonderful place to be so near.
“Welcome to Blue Mountain Village”
No matter which way we drive into the Village, it’s always the Mountains! Blue Mountain Village is set right “foot” of the mountains!
BMV 2a
“At the foot of the Blue Mountains”
It always amazes me how many beautiful homes surround the main Village area. I often wonder where all the people come from. I am sure a lot the home owners come from the Toronto Region (GTA).
“Beautiful homes”
Because we live so close to the Blue Mounatin Village, it’s not unusal for us to just go there to enjoy the Village’sambience“. The Mill Pond is certainly a “focal” point, floating lazily on the water in a paddle boat on a warm day or skating circles on the frozen pond on the cold day!
“Overlooking the Mill Pond”
Shopping with Judi at the Blue Mountain Village is always “interesting“. She loves to “browse” all the shops! However, she does have two favourite spots, “Starbucks” and “The Happy Valley Candy Co.
“Judi outside The Happy Valley Candy Co.”
The hills of the Blue Mountains are beautiful any time of year! Judi and I love to travel through them winter, spring, summer and, especially, fall!
“Summer green!”
One summer our grandson and his girl friend came to visit us in Thornbury. What to do to entertain them. The obvious choice was a trip to Blue Mounatin Village! They wanted to go on their own (no OLD folks allowed!) so we gave them a “list” of what they could see and enjoy. The following will give you an idea of what they could look forward to. First they could go “golfing“. There is a 18 hole full size golf course, Monterra Golf.
“Monterra Golf”
I didn’t think that Brooke (Tyler’s girl friend) would want to spend a whole day golfing, so I also suggested “Cascade Putting Course“. That’s “mini” golf to you “old folk‘!
“Cascade Putting Course”
If they just wanted to “hang” around the Village, in the summer, there is quite often musical entertainment playing at the Events Plaza.
“Music at the Events Plaza”
I told them that if they were really feeling ambitious, they could climb part-way up the mountain for “Wall Climbing“, “Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster“, “Wind Rider Triple Zips“, “Woodlot Low Ropes” and more! I get “tried” just thinking about them all!
“Woodlot Low Ropes”
Anyway, we sent them off for a “fun” day. About supper time I get a call on my cell phone. It’s Tyler. He asks me “what are you guys (that’s Judi and me) doing“. I tell him “nothing“. He asks, “do you want to meet us at Blue Mountain?” “Sure“, I said, thinking that needed some “old folk fun“! I was partially wrong, they wanted to take the lift down the mountain (it was FREE) and for us to pick them up and drive back to their car which they would park at the top of the mountain. You see, the lift back up the mountain cost money!
NOTE ~ Tyler and Brooke are both in university studying to become CPA’s (Chartered Professional Accountants) or, if you’re an “old folk’, CA’s (Chartered Accountants)! I am going to “hire” them when they graduate, if we can “afford” them!
Back to the story! When we arrived at Blue Mountain Village it was dinner time. Judi and I offered to take them both out for dinner at the Village. They, of course, agree. Judi and I were paying (they’re becoming CPA, remember!). After dinner I said , “well let’s go to the car and we’ll drive you up the mountain to your car.” “Sheepishly“, Tyler whispers, “Brooke and I were thinking that we would climb up the “steep” mountain back to our car!” Talk about fun! Judi and I drove to the top of the mountain to wait for them. Our FUN was that we didn’t have to “climb” the mountain, instead we could stand at the top and “enjoy the view“!
BMV 13
“Going down the mountain”
I love the mountains, and I don’t mind the snow, but I am not a skier. Fortunately my “old friendTom “ShutterBuzz” McTaggart is a skier, so helps me appeciate the finer points of the sport. He and his brother, Mike, have season Blue Mountain “seniors” passes! We call him “ShutterBuzz” because he is now an “official” member of the “Ontario Visited ~ Oh Canada Eh! Game” team. When Judi’s not available, “ShutterBuzz‘ stands behind the camera. By the way, the “BUZZ” is for our “Catch the Buzz” slogan. He tells me that going “up” the lift is not as “scary” as it looks!
BMV 12
“Up the mountain”
I had visited the Village on a few occasions when there was a long line of skiers waiting for the “lift“. I asked Tom if he minded the long wait. He told me that it wasn’t nearly as long as I thought. The lifts, and therefore the people, moved through quickly. He did caution that you needed to be aware of where you were when it was turn to take the lift! You don’t want to get “dragged” up the hill! He also told that the days (weekdays) when he and Mike skied were much better, because there weren’t as many skiers. “Good to know if I ever take up skiing!” 
BMV 10
“Waiting for the lift”
Blue Mountain Resort has a lot of “Snowboarders” gliding down the mountain slopes. It looked like fun. I asked Tom if he had ever snowboarded. He told me “no“, that he thought it was too “dangerous“! This from a man who had skied down both the “Alps” and the “Rockies“!
One man’s danger is another man’s sport!
BMV 11
I’ve told you about all the “activities“, winter and summer, but now let me tell you about the “REALLY FUN‘ things the Blue Mountain Village offers! First, there’s “ChristmasSHOPPING! Who doesn’t like Christmas and Christmas presents, and thus “Christmas” shopping.
BMV 14
“Christmas at Blue”
Then, there are the “Christmas Wagon Rides“! “Clip-clopping” through the Village behind two “magnificent” horses! Does it get any BETTER
BMV 15
“The Christmas wagon rides!”
STOP! Yes it can get BETTER! There is SANTA! Sit on his knee, be “nice” and yes, you can ask him for your “Christmas present“.
BUT, BEWARE! He knows if you’ve been “NAUGHTY or NICE“! (He has a LIST!)
“Coal might coming your way!”
BMV 16
“Hi Santa ~ I’ve been good!”
Whatever way you look at Blue Mountain Village, whether it’s from way up HIGH.
BMV 17
“Looking down on Blue Mountain Village”
Or, at night!
BMV 18
“Blue Mountain Village at night!”
It’s a wonderful place to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and ENJOY! See you there!

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